Universal Tractor Transmission Oil

The primary uses for Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) are farm tractors and combines, covering applications that have wet brakes, hydraulics and advanced transmissions.

HO-CL UTTO provides:

  • Friction performance for clutches and wet brakes
  • Gear protection for transmissions, axles and final drives
  • Anti-wear protection
  • Hydraulic pump durability
  • Shear stability
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Low temperature flow performance

HO-CL Oils UTTO offers advantages for operator comfort and equipment productivity and durability. The superior friction performance eliminates the screeching noise known as chatter in wet brakes.

In agricultural powershift transmissions, smooth and quiet shift performance is realised with superior anti-wear properties to protect final drive gears without harming the soft, yellow metal in the hydraulic pump. Effective copper protection prevents corrosion in axial piston hydraulic pumps.

Product Details

HOCL Agricultural

DuraTrans Multishift TTF 75/85 (10W-30) GL-488831Premium Performance Tractor Transmission Fluid for use in Tractor and Civil Construction hydraulics, hydrostatic transmissions, wet brakes, PTO and final gear drives of modern farm and industrial wheel and crawler tractors. Exceeds major Tractor and Construction OEM specifications where fluids requiring API GL-4 are recommended and/or required.TDS 88831 DURATRANS TRACTOR TRANSMISSION 75W-85 GL-4MSDS. 88831v20 MultiTrans 75W-85
All-in-One Tractor Farm Oil 15W-40 CF-488857All in One is an efficient performing multi-purpose SAE 15W-40 Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) formulated for Australian farming conditions. It is designed for use in tractor engines, transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems. TDS 88857 All-In-One Tractor Oil 15W-40MSDS.88857v20 All-In-One Tractor Oil 15W-40
Chainsaw & Bar Oil SAE 16088880Chain and Bar Oil is a tough, tacky lubricant designed for lubrication of chain, bar and sprocket on all types of chainsaws and chain driven machinery. Advanced tackifier technology that resists throw off during high speed applications and prolonged cutting.TDS 88880 Chainsaw and Bar OilMSDS.88880v20 Chainsaw and Bar Oil ISO160
Drip Oil 88720Drip Oil is a high viscosity index base oil providing a constant oil droplets over wide temperature resulting in a consistent flow of lubrication, specifically formulated to lubricate bearings found on vertical shaft driven deep well turbine pumps.TDS 88720 Drip Oil ISO 32MSDS.88720v20 Drip Oil ISO130