Real passion.

More than a decade ago, we began with the philosophy that we would formulate lubricants using advanced technology for the finest pure HYDRO-SYN™ base oils and quality components.

What followed was an unparalleled commitment to applying our knowledge of the fluid chemistry of oil. Using our in-house laboratory, we perfect our handcrafted proprietary formulas to ensure every drop of HOCL Oils is exactly as it should be.

We are a passionate Australian owned company that supports community activities and has an understanding of Australian machinery needs. We remain dedicated to formulating and manufacturing lubricants that deliver higher quality and performance for machinery with a focus on increased profitability for our customers.

Real science.

Our advanced facilities and chemical engineering processes enable HOCL Oils to produce innovative lubricating oils using the purist Premium Hydrocracked Synthetic – HYDRO-SYN™ - oils.

HYDRO-SYN™ base oils offer superior performance, resulting in high viscosity index (VI), fuel efficiency, greater thermal stability and oxidation resistance, soot dispersancy, lower volatility when operating in high temperature and improved cold weather performance.

HYDRO-SYN™ base oils have low toxicity and are so pure, they meet the requirements of FDA-approved mineral oils (21CFR 178.3620(c)). This means that HYDRO-SYN™ base oils can be used in, or used to manufacture a variety of non-food articles intended for incidental contact with food.

Hydrocracked base oils offer superior product performance, resulting in greater oxidation and thermal stability, soot dispersancy in heavy duty motor oils, and low temperature performance. They also have high VI and low volatility.

The natural high viscosity of HOCL Oils ensures outstanding results in Cold Crank Simulator (CCS) tests. The finished oil oxidative and thermal stability eliminates concerns of oil consumption and poisoning of catalytic converters, providing longer service life.

HOCL Oils blended with HYDRO-SYN™ oils are performance lubricants for operations in the harsh Australian conditions.

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Real value.

Formulated from pure HYDRO-SYN™ lubricating oils that deliver reliability, durability, performance and added value.

HOCL Oils services the Agricultural, Transport, Automotive, Civil and Construction, Mining, Workshops and Fleet Operations sectors, delivering premium products.